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We know how important it is to enjoy what you do and where you work, you spend more time there than you do at home after all. So we pride ourselves on having a fun, dedicated team and making the ICS office a lovely place to be.

Our Team



Project Manager

With more than 15 years of experience in software development & product architecture, Anurag provides the nuts and bolts for all our web & mobile applications as well as ensuring that our technologies are all up-to-date and secure. As a projet manager he makes sure that clients are happy, team members are motivated, and company standards are constantly pushed to the limit. He enjoys building applications & teaching others about programming & processes.


Lead - Mobile Apps & Web

She is a usability expert with a great understanding of User Experience (UX). She puts in lot of efforts to make sure that the delivery of her team is of the highest quality to the client. She thinks she can lift Mount Everest.


Senior Developer - UX (Web Apps)

He has a natural knack of learning latest technologies which helps creating stunning user interfaces (UI). Show him a great looking website and "view source" is the first thing he would do. He is a farmer by profession and programmer by passion.



Senior Developer - Web Application

Very good understanding of technology and a smart coder - Give him a complex assignment and he would smile back. Ask him to work on weekends and he would smile back - everyone loves him and he is famous as "PINKY".


Application Developer

Loves working on enterprise applications. Has vast experience of working on shore assignments for clients in UK. His peers feel he is "overdose of knowledge" - sometimes they just disappear :)


Web Designer

She contributes a unique sense of design & style to our team. She is very keen on learning new technologies and truly enjoys her work. She is a gangster by birth and like to bully everyone in the office.


Developer - Android & Web Application

He likes working on integration projects, have lots of experience in voice APIs. His latest love is Android. Apart from code he dreams of having a car which has beer barrels fitted in its dickey.



Developer - ios

Aspired and dreamt of becoming a fashion designer, but fell in love with xCode and iPhone Apps. She has a very good understanding of technology and is very detailed oreiented in her work.


Developer - Web Application

He is a crawling expert - writes highly optimized scraping scripts in ruby and PHP. Enjoys working on large volumes of data. He loves to be clicked, he is extremely camera friendly.


Developer - Android & Web Application

Wanted to join army, but landed here at ICS. He is extremely disciplined and has an excellent approach towards application development. Shy guy with a killer smile.



Developer -Mobile & Web Application

He simply loves building mobile apps, coding is his passion. Very intelligent, loves to work on complex assignments - any new project and he would want to be a part of it. He adds a unique dimension to our team. Good at sketching & drawing too.


Web Designer

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