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We understand the importance of funding, for an idea to be transformed into a business. To generate funding the first thing you need is a Minimum Viable Product built and released so that you can engage your customers early in the product lifecycle. The next thing you need is visibility & traction - with good SEO & marketing strategy you can get good numbers quickly. This traction forms the basis for the valuation of your idea - higher the numbers, more is the valuation and more closer you are to get funding.

We team up with you and take care of the entire product development cycle. This allows you to focus more on your business plan which means you will have a concrete sales and marketing strategy to generate the traction once the MVP is released.


Our Process

1. Brainstorm
We brainstorm on your idea with you to understand the idea in depth and to scope out a minimum viable product out of your idea. We create user stories and usecases by asking questions - what, why & who? We firmly believe that this is the most important phase in product life cycle and time spent in this phase bridges the gap between your expectations and our delivery.

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